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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Emma Shelton who was born in Florida on July 08, 2003 and passed away on May 08, 2005 at the age of 22 months. We will remember her forever.
Emma was a true angel on earth-she could light up a room with her smile.  No-one could resist her charm.  Being her mother, I am biased but she was truly the most beautiful little girl to have ever lived.  Not a day goes by when I don't wish that May 7 and 8 2005 could be lived over again.  That I could change the events of that horrible day and night.  I wouldn't have been distracted opening gifts, I wouldn't have assumed other family members were watching her, I would have kept her right at my side.  That I would have found her sooner, that CPR would have worked, that her brain wouldn't have been deprived of oxygen for so long, that her heart wouldn't have failed.  That I could just change one event of that day so she could live.  She had so much more to do in life.  I miss her every moment of every day.  I find myself thinking so often-'I never thought anything like this would happen to my family'.
We love and miss you, Emma.  Please watch over us from Heaven.
Please light a candle for Emma after reading her story.  It comforts us to see all of the warm wishes and prayers offered with the lighting of each candle.  We love to see that this site is helping to keep her memory alive. 
Please visit Emma's other website at http://www.ourangelemma.bravehost.com


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Emma's Story  
Emma was born at 3:28 pm on July 8th 2003.  After 3 weeks of being dilated to almost 3 centimeters the Doctors decided to induce labor on my due date.  I was petrified because they had determined from ultrasounds that Emma was going to about 10 lbs!  Well, after only 7 1/2 hrs of labor, about 15 of which was pushing, and a bit of a scare with the cord wrapped around her neck, Emma came into the world weighing only 7lb 5 oz!  She was perfect!  We were so glad she was here and I was glad she wasn't 10 lbs!
Emma was the light of my life.  She was a stubborn, charming little girl.  From the time she was born she knew what she wanted and made sure she did everything in her power to get it!  Which is where the charming part came in handy!  She had amazing blue eyes that she knew how to use from the start and a smile that could light up the room.  She was a curious little girl and from the time she realized there were other people in the world she wanted everyone to notice her.  She would babble at people in stores and if they didn't pay attention she would squeal and babble louder until they acknowledged her presence.  Everyone from family to friends to strangers in the mall commented on her bright sunny personality.  Even when the "terrible twos" struck (starting at about 18 mo!) it wasn't all that terrible.  Sure, she got in trouble and sat in the corner in her time out chair about once a day, but rarely did she have full blown temper tantrums.  She would even drag her own chair to the corner when I told her she had to sit in time out!  She may have been crying while she did it, but she did it anyhow.  Even though there were days I wanted to rip my hair out I had to count my blessing because she was a pretty easy going child.  Every evening after dinner she would get her bath, brush her teeth, get pj's on, play and when 7:30 rolled around she was ready for bed.  No crying or stalling, no climbing out of her crib.  I would say "lets go to bed" and she would run in her room, throw her popple (her favorite stuffed animal, passed down from her Uncle Brian) in her crib and climb in herself.  She would pucker up and give kisses and that was that- she was done for the day.  I wish I had more good nite kisses-they were so sweet.
That last day she had been out on my in-laws patio with the family, splashing in the hot tub with her older cousins, playing, and having fun.  There was a large ice bucket on the patio for the drinks and she was having a blast eating ice and throwing it into the hot tub.  At one point everyone got up and went into the house.  She was in the front room playing w/ toys w/ her older cousins while I was in the dining room opening Mothers day gifts.  It was only a few minutes later that I noticed she wasn't in the front room anymore.  I asked where she was and no one knew.  I don't know what made me check the patio first, but I walked out and there she was.  I screamed and jumped in to grab her then handed her out to my husband.  Some one called 911 while myself, my husband and my brother-in-law performed CPR.  A police officer showed up after a few long agonizing minutes and took over CPR.  The ambulance was just minutes behind.  My husband rode in the ambulance with her and I have never been able to ask him about that time.  It must have been terrifying for him.  I saw them start to cut off her clothes as they were closing the doors and it was suddenly more real.  When I got to the hospital no one could tell us anything.  After what seemed like forever we got a shred of hope-they had got a heartbeat back.  But it was to no avail.  She had 3 chest tubes to try to help her lungs, a ventilator was breathing for her.  She was having small siezures periodically.  The nuerologist performed his tests and you could see his face get more grave w/ each test.  She had a heart beat but our Emma wasn't there anymore.  Her brain had been deprived of oxygen for too long.  Even if they could get her heart to cooperate and stay beating she would never wake up.  We had to make the decision when her heart arrested again to let her go.  People ask me if I regret that decision and I can honestly say I never have.  Emma was not there anymore.  The doctors may have brought her heart back but Emma's soul was already gone.  She needed to go to Heaven and be in peace.  Laying on that hospital bed and holding her little hand, seeing her full of tubes was the hardest thing we have ever had to do, but I know in my heart she is up there beaming that huge smile and flashing those big blue eyes, and watching us.  She is catching the balloons we send and sending kisses back down.
I want everyone to learn something from this.  Don't assume that because there are alot of people around that children are safe.  Remeber-toddlers do know how to be sneaky and fast.  And they have NO FEAR!  Emma probably went outside to either throw more ice or swim.  She didn't know she couldn't swim.  She managed to get past 12 people and it was only a matter of about 3 minutes before it was noticed she wasn't in the room with everyone.  FENCE YOUR POOL OR HOT TUB!  A few extra dollars on a good safety fence can save lives.  Most pool supply stores sell safety fencing and pool alarms.  Put alarms on your doors or make sure they lock securely-preferably a deadbolt.  And get your children swim lessons EARLY!  They teach rescue lessons to children as young as 6 mo.  Our new baby, Hannah is only 3 mo and I already have her lessons set up.  It may sound crazy but babies can learn to roll onto their backs and how to stay afloat even while clothed.  Even if you don't have a pool or don't take them swimming often-get them lessons anyway.  Look up a swim instructor in your area who teaches rescue swimming.  I know in Florida drowning is the #1 killer of children 4 and under.  Most drownings in Florida are children between the ages of 18 and 30 months and happen in the family pool or hot tub.  And learn CPR.  You may never need it but what if?  Please, always be aware-we thought Emma was safely inside w/ us-she had her own agenda.  I miss my 'Stinky Lou' every day of my life.  I know it was a tragic accident and it was no ones fault but when you come right down to it, it could have been prevented.
We all love and miss our beautiful Miss Emma!
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